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Race Lace Elastic - No tie Laces

Race Lace Elastic - No tie Laces

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  • Turn any shoe into a slip on
  • Fit & forget
  • Comfortable
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How to fit your Race Laces

  1. Remove your old laces and discard
  2. Place your foot in your trainers before you start lacing them up, this ensures you get a comfortable fit and the elastic laces will not be too tight.
  3. Thread through your new Race Lace then pull the laces through so that you don’t have any slack in the laces. Don’t pull them too tight as you can adjust them later.
  4. Next, you need to thread through both ends of your new laces ONE AT A TIME through the locking cap, remember to push down the cap HARD to release the race lace clamps when you're doing this. THIS PART WILL REQUIRE A FIRM STRONG HANDSTEP 6Keep your finger pushed down on the button and slide the race lace clamp towards the tongue of your trainers and then release. This will lock your laces in place so that they can’t move.
  5. Then you need to get a pair of scissors so that you can cut the cord to length, we recommend leaving approximately 2-3” or 5-8cm but this is entirely up to you.
  6. Lastly, all you need to do is attach the lace clamps. Simply thread the ends of the cord through the hole. It is important that the end of the cut cords line up the teeth inside the clamp, finally press down firmly.

Please note

Fitting these laces can be fiddly and the clamps a little stiff BUT please persevere. Once installed you will NEVER have to mess with these shoelaces again. The laces and clamps have purposefully been designed to be tight fitting through the elastic shoelaces clamp, this prevents laces from loosening or coming undone. unlike others. Especially important for athletes and sports players.