What are we?

We are a triathlon multi-sport company. This sounds over-simplified, like only scratching the surface, we are actually so much more. We design, manufacture and produce racing, training & recovery products to enhance your sporting prowess. Our strap-line "fitness innovation" runs through our companies ethos. We want you to be the best version of you!



We believe that our slick products with your training & enthusiasm for the sport will improve your performance and get you some of the best results of your life.


Our company name "NO LABEL" stems from being better than the brand & that you don't need a "LABEL" to be your version of the best. We know you give 100% every time.


No Label Fitness is a brand built around a passion for Triathlon. We believe that with the right equipment and guidance anyone can live an active and healthy lifestyle! 
Created in the heart of the English Countryside, No Label Fitness has supplied thousands of fitness enthusiasts with training aids right across Europe.
Our most popular destinations for our orders include France, Spain, Italy and Germany.


If you have any questions, please email us at hello@nolabelfitness.co.uk


The No Label Fitness brand is synonymous with quality. No Label offers extended warranties on all our products.