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Anti Fog Swim Goggles With UV Protection

Anti Fog Swim Goggles With UV Protection

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These adult swimming goggles are guaranteed to be super comfortable, easy to fit and have the bonus of our clip system which makes these swim goggles the obvious choice for ease of use.
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Do these swimming goggles come with a case?

Yes, we provide a soft shell zip case that will keep your goggles scratch-free.

Do these swim goggles offer UV protection?

Yes, these CLIP-SERIES 2.0 swimming goggles offer UV protection.

Are they easy to adjust?

Yes, it's very simple, just pull the head strap ends & tuck them into the fastener when finished.

Are these for men or women?

These goggles have been designed for comfort and will fit all face/head types of both men and women.

Will these fit my teenager?

Yes, these swimming goggles are full adjustable and can fit teenagers very well

Anti-fog lenses | UV Protection | High Strength

  • Built using premium anti-fog coating which means frustration-free swimming
  • No more foggy lenses and stop-starts
  • UV protection from the sun if swimming outside
  • Toughened hardwearing polycarbonate lenses

Super Comfortable Design

  • Soft silicon head strap
  • Easy to adjust
  • Simple set & forget system
  • Clip design

Soft Silicon Nose Bridge

  • Medical grade material
  • Soft silicon
  • Moves to the shape of your face
  • Hydrodynamic design

With Free Zip Case

  • Protective storage case
  • Softshell, non-scratch
  • Zip case to protect your goggles

How to care for your goggles

  • CLEAN - After each swim in the pool or sea we highly recommend that you rinse your goggles in fresh running water without the use of any cleaning products.
  • DRY - Ensure that chlorine/salt, sand and other debris has been been removed from your swimming goggles and gaskets then allow to air dry.
  • ANTI-FOG - NO LABEL swimming goggles are all fitted with an Anti-Fog coating. Please ensure you minimise contact with the lenses and follow the above care guide to prolong the anti-fog coating.
  • STORAGE - When you ordered your NO LABEL swimming goggles you should have received a soft storage pouch to stow away your swim goggles. We chose a soft. Goggles storage case to ensure the lenses of the goggles will not get damaged or scratched during transit.