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Pro-Float - Swim Float Kickboard

Pro-Float - Swim Float Kickboard

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✓ Improve Your Kick Technique
✓ Isolate Your Legs While Swimming
✓ Help You Smash Your Training Goals
✓ Target Your Weak Areas in the Pool
✓ Train Different Swimming Drills
✓ Focus on Improving Your Technique

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How does using a swimming float product improve my swim performance?

Using this swimming float can help to build strength, improve technique, and enhance overall swim performance.

What makes this so good?

Experience unmatched swim training with our innovative float - designed for superior performance, durability, and comfort. Take your skills to new heights in the water.

Can this swim float product be used by beginners?

Yes, this PRO-FLOAT 2.0 is suitable for swimmers of all levels, including beginners. It's a great tool for improving technique, building strength & confidence.

How do I use a swimming float product during my swim workout?

Simply grab, position, and float! Effortlessly improve your swimming skills with our user-friendly swim float - the perfect companion for effective training.

Is the swimming float suitable for adults only?

The NO LABEL PRO-FLOAT is suitable for both adults and teenagers. It's a versatile tool for improving technique and building strength in the water.

Enhance Your Swim Workout

  • Isolate upper body to work on your kick-set technique
  • Add variety to your swim workout using swim training tools like this one
  • Reduce fatigue and burnout with varied training routines

Enhance Your Swim Technique

  • Target specific muscle groups with resistance training
  • Develop better kick mechanics and power with this swimming float
  • Improve ankle flexibility and kick technique with a kick float
  • Promote proper body positioning and alignment in the water

Strengthen Your Lower Limbs & Build Confidence

  • Build lower body strength and endurance with targeted kick training
  • Improve lung capacity and cardiovascular fitness with resistance training
  • Swim longer and with more efficiency with improved strength and endurance

Work Smarter, Not Harder

  • Improve swim efficiency and speed with better technique
  • Develop explosive power and speed with resistance training
  • Reduce drag and increase stroke length with proper technique
  • Consistently hit faster swim times with improved performance

Take Your Swim Training Anywhere

  • The perfect-sized kick- float and lightweight design
  • Fits easily into your swim bag
  • Take your swim training kit with you wherever you go

Improve Your Swim confidence, No Matter Your Level

  • Suitable for swimmers of all levels, including beginners and pros
  • Improve technique and build strength, regardless of skill level
  • Add variety and challenge to your swim training routine
  • Easy to adjust resistance levels based on individual ability and goals


Swimming Floats That Offer The Correct Amount of Floatation

Jump In The Water & Get Ready For The No Label Experience Of Giant Kick Sets!


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You too can join the No Label Revolution.

The search for the perfect swimming training aids is now over. It's taken us a while to get this kick float to market as we wanted it to be the best swimming float available. This triple layer kick float offers 50 newtons of flotation and has had grips cut out so you are able to position your grip in different holds.


✓ One piece EVA moulded kickfloat
✓ Designed To Have 50 Newtons Of Floatation
✓ Multi Grip Swimming Floats
✓ Swim Training Aid
✓ Perfect Dimensions
✓ Will Help Improve Your Leg Strength Over Time
✓ Great Buoyancy Support


✓ Adult Kick Float
✓ Kids Kick Float
✓ Childrens Kick Float

Order your swimming float today & your could be improving your swim technique in literally hours.

The No Label brand is synonymous with quality. We offer extended warranties on all our products.

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