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EPIC Kids Goggles + Cap

EPIC Kids Goggles + Cap

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  • ★ SALE NOW ON - Join the 1000's of satisfied parents that have ordered these children's swimming goggles for indoor or outdoor use. Get FREE Prime Delivery + Discounts On multi-purchases on No Label Swimming Accessories. These kids swimming goggles are guaranteed to be super comfortable, easy to fit and have the bonus of our quick fit button system which makes these swim goggles the obvious choice for ease of use.
  • ★ EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO FIT - "They are lightweight & comfortable in the water. My kids can have fun wearing these swim goggles & avoided the annoyance of fogging or leaking while in the pool. The adjustable elastic strap is really easy to use and will fit most children's heads. The custom frame of these goggles arches over your kid's nose bridge protecting them from any irritation.
  • ★ ANTI FOG POLYCARBONATE LENSES WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR WIDE VISION - Coated with the latest UV and fog-free protection anti-shatter lens that let your children see clearly at all times! Great for pool swimming or diving into the sea, you'll be able to watch your children enjoy every swimming session with the wide their panoramic view while exploring."
  • ★ OUR EPIC SERIES SWIMMING GOGGLES ARE RECOMMENDED BY PARENTS - "The No Label children's swimming goggles have been really popular at our little dolphins swim club. The universal fit suits everyone, and seem to be a great fit! I've used other products such as speedo swimming goggles, arena swim goggles & zoggs goggles for children & found the No Label swimming accessories to be the best fit & superior quality. I like the mask style design and the quick fit button system adjustable strap".
  • ★ STOP CHLORINE GETTING IN YOUR CHILDREN'S EYES - Order Today get FREE FAST shipping with Prime. Get your children's goggles & swim cap in one handy pack. Get the right products the first time around. EXTENDED PRODUCT GUARANTEE - + 30 Day Money Back if you're not 100% happy.


these swim goggles are exactly what your kids need to guarantee tear free red & bloodshot eyes from the chlorine in the pool. The No Label Junior Series, EPIC-GOGGLES have been designed for children that love swimming & really don't like getting water in their eyes.  The soft silicon forms a tight seal around the eyes sockets protecting them from the water at all times.

The soft silicone seal fits around their little faces & prevents any water leakage. Children as young as 3 can use these goggles.


  • No more pulled hair - with the smart clip system, simply unclip at the back after use. 
  • Fun design & colours - available in 2 great kids colours
  • Super soft silicone eye-pieces - no more suction cup marks on the eye
  • UV protection lenses - protect from the sun & ensure fantastic vision
  • Larger socket - fits all kids faces and shapes
  • Fast fit systems - easily adjust headstrap in seconds
  • Twin-piece head strap - for improved fit and comfort with extra support
  • Anti-fog coating - for longer fog-free swimming and offer 

Available in aqua or pink colourways

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