REVIEW: No Label Fitness SMRT Foam Roller

REVIEW: No Label Fitness SMRT Foam Roller

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My name is Rupert, and I’m part of the team here at No Label Fitness. Last week I posted a blog post about what it was like to live with T2 Transition Bag. If you haven’t read it yet, you can check it out here!

The blog post was really popular, and we’ve had loads of feedback from customers saying they enjoyed it (thank you to those of you which got in touch!).

 As a result, we thought it would be cool if I wrote another post, but this time about our SMRT Foam Roller.


First things first – what exactly is a “SMRT Foam Roller”?

Well – very simply, it’s a Foam Roller which simulates the fingertips of a masseuse giving you a deep tissue massage.

 The difference with using the No Label Fitness Foam Roller and a sports massage is that the Foam Roller is much cheaper, leaving you more money for equipment and goodies!


What is different about the No Label Foam Roller? 

We started selling the Foam Roller on about 6 months ago. However, I have personally been using it for about 2 months.

Before using the No Label Foam Roller, I was using one I had got from another company a long time ago. However, having used the No Label Roller in the office, I found that it just worked so much better!

The SMRT technology (which in English, means the design of the foam) really works to alleviate any pain quickly.


 What does it look like? 

The roller is black, with a green centre pipe with caps at each end.

This is ideal as if like me you always forget a water bottle and towel for the gym, you can keep them in the roller, and get them out at the end of your workout – in fact you even get a complimentary towel from No Label when you buy one at the moment! 


I loved the towel and useful compartment to put my gym kit in! 


How did I find it using the No Label Foam Roller?

I can tell you straight up what a difference using the No Label Fitness Foam Roller has made!

I am currently training for a triathlon, so after a workout, run, cycle or swim I am seriously aching.

This Roller is great for muscle recovery and I have found that by using it after every work out, I recover faster and also find movement much easier!

Alongside this, it is a really good quality roller. It has been used at both our gym at work and my gym at home on a daily basis, alongside outside on tarmac a couple of times and it’s holding up really well!


Who should use a Foam Roller? 

If you're doing a lot of regular exercise you should really think about having a Roller. Customers have bought them to help with: 

- Gym Recovery

- Triathlon Recovery

- Swimming Recovery

- Running Recovery

- Cycling Recovery

- CrossFit Recovery

- MMA Recovery

- Ironman Recovery


Why you should buy one:  

Like all No Label Fitness products, this Foam Roller comes with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE and also a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Click here to buy yours now!


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