REVIEW: No Label Fitness T2 Transition Bag

REVIEW: No Label Fitness T2 Transition Bag

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My name is Rupert, and I am part of the team here at No Label Fitness. Today I want to talk about our new 20 litre, T2 Transition Bag.

I’m going to tell you what it’s been like living with this bit of kit over the last few weeks, but before I do, I want to tell you a bit about the bag itself! 

Everyone in the office was really excited for the launch of these triathlon bags.

The first generation of No Label bags were really popular, but our product team has worked really hard to streamline the design and improve on those bags, and as a result we have the T2 bags.


What is a transition bag? 

Very simply, during a triathlon event, your transition bag sits in the transition area holding all your kit and anything you may need for the next stage of the race.


How is the bag designed?

This bag really is a combination of the best elements of our dry bags and first generation rucksacks.

Its straps have plenty of length and are really easy to adjust to make sure it is super comfortable.

The bag is made from thick 500D tarpaulin and is not just stitched together, but also welded which ensures your kit stays dry.

The T2 Transition bag also has a really simple roll top design, meaning that to close it up you just roll the top down and clip it together, making it a simple and easy access backpack.

This simple but effective roll top design not only keeps the water, dust and dirt out of your bag but also means access is really easy making it a great bag for triathlon!

The bag comes in three different colours: black, orange and green (pictured above). 

I also love what the design team did with the storage spaces for this bag. It has one large 20L central storage compartment (this is larger if you roll the top down less – only do this if the bag isn’t going to get wet!).

In addition, this triathlon bag also has 2 adjustable pouches for water bottles on each side. Along with a zip-able side pouch for your valuables.   

As a cyclist, I also love the the elasticated chord on the front of the bag for my helmet, which is why this bag is also a great bag for cycling.


What is it like living with the T2 Transition Bag?

I’ve had this bag with me now for a couple of weeks. It’s fair to say, I love it! 

I use it pretty much all the time. During the week, it comfortably fits my gym kit, as well as everything I need for work like my laptop making it a great bag for commuting particularly as it keeps everything so dry. 


My massive size 13 trainers comfortably fit in the bag alongside my other kit. 

At the weekends it’s had a tough life, being knocked around in the boot of my car, and being used and abused whilst I’ve been out on runs and rides. It really is a good quality bag

I also use it as a swimming bag, and it does an awesome job of keeping my kit dry even when the floor is soaking wet in the changing room!


Should I buy a T2 Transition Bag?

Yes! It’s not really surprising that we’ve sold the T2 Transition Bag across the world to people who use it for so many different things!

Some of the things we know people use our bag for include:

  • School Bag
  • Bag for commuting
  • Gym bag
  • Swimming bag
  • Triathlon bag
  • Workout bag
  • Ironman bag
  • Laptop bag
  • Sports bag

So yes – this really is a bag for everyone!

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you have enjoyed my review of the T2 Transition Bag! Be certain to head to to order yours today!

Have a great day! 



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