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Elastic Running Shoelaces

About RaceLace

The RaceLace was born from a problem… Have you even been in running & your laces come undone…? I have !! My first ever triathlon resulted in me losing time and position during the run leg because I had to stop to “tie my shoe laces”. From smugly overtaking my competitors on the race home, I had to stop, then get passed by several people that I had just used up all my energy passing.





I wish I had discovered these years ago.

They save me so much time and stress.

“As a runner and triathlete, it is important for me that my shoelaces don’t come undone either, while training, during transition on race day. I feel more confident and happy in the knowledge that I have my racing shoes fitted my RaceLaces.”

– Franz Fabiana, Triathlete and Ironman Finisherrunning shoelaces



  • Simple to use
  • Grinds and Tamps your beans to perfection, which ensures the freshness & flavour extraction.
  • It has an extremely fine adjustable grinder so that you can get that perfect shot.
  • The well built chunky portafilter is the same size as a commercial one dosing 20 grams of coffee.
  • It makes you feel like you made the coffee perfectly, ground it to perfection, pulled the perfect shot & textured the milk.
  • Choose single or double shot espresso
  • The Sage Oracle has a separate hot water spout so that you are able to make the perfect “Americano”.
  • The boiler can be set to your ideal temp i.e. 92 or 93 degrees celsius which means your coffee will never get burnt.
  • You can make the perfect textured milk with the touch of a button or use the manual steam option.
  • The milk steamer is programmed to stop steaming the milk at the perfect temperature. (65 Degrees)is my preference.




    We are helping to support local communities & farms by paying over the commercial rate.

Commercial coffee on average is purchased at below production cost, which doesn’t help anyone!!

This is the reason many farmers are now joining the independent buying groups that we buy from, this ensures the farmers & plantation workers all get a fair price.

    Our coffee beans have been ethically sourced from local communities & farms. Our coffee enables locals to earn a living wage. The coffee co-op we us pay, on average 30% above production costs.

We offer complete traceability with all our coffee beans. Ok, so you know about "single origin" - which basically means your green coffee beans come from one country. At Brown Bottle Coffee Co, we go one step further, we source all our green coffee beans from single farms. How do you like those apples?

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