Why we love Triathlons and why YOU should love them too!

Why we love Triathlons and why YOU should love them too!

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Hey Team,


As most of you probably know, here at No Label Fitness, we’re Tri mad. We LOVE them! You only have to take a look at our kit, speed ropes for training, kinesiology tape for recovery, swimming aids, etc to see that we’re fanatical about our love for Tri’s.


But… we understand that Triathlons are intimidating to get into.


A lot of people think "why put yourself through the pain of a run, and then go for a swim and cycle". But there’s so many reasons to love Tri, here’s just a few:


It’s a great workout for your whole body. A runs good for your fitness, but a swim and a bike session gives you a comprehensive full body exercise.


Then there’s the fact that Tri’s require you to be in good shape and disciplined and in good shape, and there’s something quite nice about knowing that not many people have the physical endurance to go through that test of strength and ability – it’s a great feeling!


We know a number of our customer’s, fellow competitors and colleagues, also find the Tri a great stress relief from the day to day burden and hassle of life. When everything is getting too much, what could be better than setting yourself free with a great bunch of people!


That leads onto our last point – the people. We love them! They’re amazing and the whole Triathlon community are one big family.


So this Winter, get a Triathlon Training Guide, hit the gym, paths, pools and roads and we’ll hopefully see you at a few competitions in the New Year!




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