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Why after Boxing Day you need to get back to SMASHING IT.

[Read Time: 2-3 mins]

Hey Fitness Fans!

Just a short one today. We hope you’ve had a great Christmas! Hopefully the food was good and the drinks flowed.

However it’s now time to start thinking and planning.

Don’t be that person who half way through January is still faffing around trying to join a new gym or box and feeling sorry for themselves.

Tomorrow morning, pop your gear on and head out on a workout. Whether that’s a run, ride or swim – just do something.

The next day, build it up and do the same the day after. Before you know it you’ll be smashing your WOD’s and workouts like you were at your peak.

So remember. Don’t hangaround with your Christmas Workout. Make 2017 your year and start NOW.

Good Luck!

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