What makes the No Label Fitness speed rope so fast + the reason why your double under will now be a cinch.

Have you ever wandered why the No Label Fitness speed rope is quickly becoming the worlds best seller?

There are some very good reasons for this. When we set out to deliver our athletes the the best, most innovative and the most use friendly products on the planet design & construction was at the forefront of what we were planning to do.

It started from the top first of all we would need a light weight ergonomically designed speed rope handle that you wouldn’t lose grip of or get annoyed with how heavy it was or the amount of pressure it would put on your wrist when performing long intervals.
We chose a robust strong plastic and moulded it into an ergonomic shape to give us the perfect handle, which by the way is available in many different colours.

The next problem, how can we get the ‘rope’ to spin at break neck speeds and make it easier for our athletes to perform multiple double unders? Easy we take some ball bearings placed them within the speed rope handle and as the french say ‘voila’.

The handles have a 90 degree angle which lessens the chance of the rope getting tangled or kinked.

So the next thing was how can we make it even lighter? Well what we did we took a 2.5 mm steel wire & wrapped it in a hard wearing plastic. Because of the thickness and lightness of the rope it cuts through the air easily, dramatically reducing drag and making it a breeze to speed skip.

All of these factors combines make the No Label Fitness SSR-1 speed rope the best speed rope for double unders.

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