Top Tips for looking after your Swimming Goggles!

Top Tips for looking after your Swimming Goggles!

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Hey Guys!


Here at No Label Fitness, we constantly get asked about the best way to look after Swimming Goggles, so I thought today I’d share the knowledge we have here amongst our team, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Gogs!


First things first, before you worry about maintenance, it’s really important you get yourself a good quality pair of goggles! We’ve all been there, with a cheap set off Ebay which last all of 2 minutes before halfway through a pool session the strap breaks or they start leaking.


That’s why, when purchasing, don’t rush to the cheapest pair you can find - but rather to the pair which offer quality, comfort and of course a competitive price. Now there are loads of goggles out there, but we feel our No Label Fitness Competition Goggles tick all the boxes!


Once you have chosen your goggles, it’s critical that you take care of them in the correct way! So here are some “Do’s” as well as some “Don’ts” to make sure your goggles last!




  • Rinse your goggles in cold tap water after pool use (this will stop all those nasty chemicals destroying the seals!)
  • Do keep your goggles out of direct sunlight as this will degrade the rubber and silicone in them!
  • Do invest or make use of the FREE No Label Fitness Goggle Case to keep them from getting scratched.



  • Rub the inside of the lenses as this could not only scratch them, but also wipe off the anti-fog coating.
  • Don’t throw them in without protection into your swimming bag, as after a few trips in loose in your bag they’ll be ruined!


A good set of goggles can make the difference between your pool WOD, triathlon, open water swimming or any other water activity being either great, or rubbish because you can’t see anything and your goggles leak!


Be certain to keep following our regular blog posts to make sure you get the most out of your sport and the No Label Fitness Community.

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