Top 5 Speed Ropes For Double Unders

Top 5 Speed Ropes For Double Unders

I would like to share with you my top 5 speed ropes for double unders.

Ok, so here we go!! First of all let’s establish what a double under is. For all you newbies other, a double under is an advanced or technical exercise that involves using a speed rope or skipping rope. The bones of this manoeuvre, is basically to have the rope part of the seed rope to travel under your feet & head twice, while you jump only once hence the term “double under”.

So when would you use a double under?

During my fitness career that has spanned only 20 years, I have seen the double used during HIIT training (high intensity interval training), in boxing clubs/classes, MMA classes, many Martial arts clubs, inside local boxes while performing WODs and in gyms.

Why do people do a double under?

Well the reason, I would do a double under & the reason many other sports incorporate these into their fitness training or workout is easy, it’s basically an awesome way to raise your heart rate and keep it in a high intensity training zone. For people who are involved in combat sports, a sped rope is also used to help with coordination, hand and foot speed.

“I’ve used many a speed rope over the years & then created my own brand.”

Here are my top 5 speed ropes and why I like them:

Humming Bird – Definitely one of my all time top favourites. I love this speed rope many different reasons. First of all it was one of my earlier designs and models so it’s kind of become one of the family. Also if you want to learn how to double under very quickly, then this rope is perfect.

Pro-Series – Short for professional series! This speed rope is the pinnacle. Great design, super fast and even smoother!! This is my choice & the rope I use regularly. I urge you to try it.

Elite Series – Is what it says, with this speed rope my WOD times improved and I only use this rope for competitions. I would you it more often but i prefer to bring out this bad boy for special occasions.

DBB-1 – This speed rope is awesome, there are many colours to choose from & it’s easy to customise. A great everyday speed rope at an awesome price.

R-EVO – This is a revolutionary light weight speed rope with a new design, we have sent a few out for review & are waiting for the results from our independent product tester. However from the first trials from our own staff it seems to be a winner.

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