R-EVO – Speed Rope Review

R-EVO – Speed Rope Review

R-EVO Speed Rope Review

Here I go with my review of the the new R-EVO dual ball bearing speed rope. Before I start i’d just like to say that i’m relatively new fitness & using speed ropes but I managed to pick it up pretty quickly. A little bit about me, my name is Paula i’m 33 years young, and I’ve recently taken up kickboxing in Southampton.

I was taken to a class by a friend of mine of mine 6 months ago and since then I’ve been hooked. Apart from the drills, and pad work our instructor makes us do, I have to skip for rounds, usually 2mins on with a minute rest. I’m told this will improve my hand speed, coordination & foot work. I love doing the warm up before we start hitting pads, it’s one of my favourite parts of the class. Anyway let’s get back to it.

My favourite 5 features of this speed rope are:

  • I love the fact its light weight & made from PVC
  • Holding the grip is easy when wearing my hand wraps
  • It’s easy to adjust
  • When doing double unders the transition is really smooth
  • Looks awesome & is easy to customise

So who would use this rope?

Well i’m not a pro, and I would consider myself as a fitness enthusiast. My R-EVO speed rope could be used by a beginner, intermediate or pro athlete/fitness enthusiast. In terms of what sports I guess anyone who goes to an MMA class, thai boxing,  gym, a box, or someone that likes using a speed rope to up the intensity of a HIIT workout.


If you, like me love working and want an advanced smooth transitioning speed rope than this is essential. In terms of value for money this R-EVO speed rope is a bargain. The dual ball bearings make using it super easy & fast, the moulded handles super easy to grip even with hand wraps on. It’s lightweight very robust and can handle some serious abuse!!


In my humble professional opinion, this is a great all round speed rope that will go on forever. I can’t think of any reason why you would not want of these in your kit bag. I hope that my review will help make your decision about this speed rope rope. If you do have any questions and would like me help you with them please email me hello@nolabelfitness.co.uk.Anyways I’m off to the gym be sure to checkout the other speed rope reviews if you have not decided on this speed rope. Please feel free to share this review or if you have one of these or any other speed rope we’d be glad to hear/publish your feedback.

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  • Smooth transition for double unders
  • Really easy to size your speed rope
  • Features DBBT (dual ball bearing technology)
  • Slippy grip when sweaty


R EVO Speed Rope Review

Speed - 80%
Ease Of Use - 80%
Comfort - 90%
Smoothness - 90%
Design - 100%
Grip - 80%


WOD Master

I love this speed rope & can't recommend it enough. My experience with this was, and continues to be awesome. When I go to the gym I always ensure this is in my gym bag.

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