Humming Bird – Speed Rope Review

Humming Bird – Speed Rope Review

Here is the Humming Bird Speed Rope Review, enjoy!

Ok, so i’m new to No Label & this is the first review I’ve ever written. Before I begin I need to tell you a bit about myself. My name is Sam i’m 21 years old, i’m a handsome young chap (even though I do say so myself), I work out 3-4 times per week 5’10 & 85kgs and I love working out at my local #box.

My boss said to me I want you to write an honest review about you experience with this speed rope, forget that you work for this company we just want you to give your honest personal opinion & if there are any negatives I want you to tell people.

So here I go.

Today I am reviewing the No Label Humming Bird speed rope:

My favourite 5 features of this speed rope are:

  • This is the best speed rope for double unders
  • It has soft grip tape wrapped around the handle which ensures I have a good hold of it
  • In terms of weight, it’s not the lightest, however I kind of like that about it
  • I like the thickness of the PVC rope, it gives a great whip!
  • Perfect for beginners like me (I guess it would be great for pros too but i’m not quite there yet)

So who would use this rope?

In my opinion I think it would be great for anyone learning how to skip, or if you’re new to using a speed rope. I use this for #wods at my local #box but I would imagine it would be just as good to be used as a boxing skipping rope or for MMA.


My Humming Bird speed rope is an awesome product it’s super fast, super comfortable & well priced. It has a 5 Year Warranty, comes  delivered all wrapped up in one of the coolest boxes you’ve ever seen.


From my own opinion I would say this will give you confidence and help improve your technique. Right now you save 15% off this product using the code ’15OFF’ & get a FREE workout guide, that will get you in the best shape of your life. Get yours now, I dare you!!

That’s it for my  product review, but feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas. Have you experienced any of our products yet? I’d love to hear your reviews, too.

  • Easy to use
  • Really fast
  • Great for beginners
  • Limited colours
  • No replacement rope (yet)
  • Slightly heavier

Humming Bird - Speed Rope Review

SPEED - 70%
EASE OF USE - 100%
COMFORT - 100%
DESIGN - 80%
GRIP - 90%


A Rope For Everyone

This rope is great for learning or transitioning from a PVC or Leather rope. I found it really great for learning double unders.

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