Goal Setting – How & Why!

Goal Setting – How & Why!

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Hey Guys!


Here at No Label Fitness, we like to think that we not only have a positive impact on your fitness and workouts, but also your general health and wellbeing – well that’s at least what we aim to do!


A key component of living the No Label lifestyle, is goal setting. If we all lived our lives without goals, in likelihood, we’d end up spending our days on the sofa watching Netflix continuously!


As Winter draws in, and our outdoor time becomes less, and it becomes less attractive to spend evenings shivering in the cold outside, goals become critical. Whether you want to maintain your fitness, or build it over those Winter months you’ll need a goal, as it offers you a target to focus on and aim for, without it, your routines will lack structure and purpose – we’ve seen it when that happens and trust me, it doesn’t get good results!


So how do you go about setting your goal?


Be realistic. Don’t wake up one morning, decide you’ll start going to the gym and then set a goal in 2 months time, you want to be an Olympic standard weightlifter. It doesn’t work – and will just demoralise you! Instead, set your goal that in 2 months time you’ll be competent at the techniques required and have a reasonable base line fitness. This will allow you to then go on and set bigger goals, growing on what you’ve already achieved. With this technique, you’ll be left feeling fulfilled and most importantly successful and happy!


Get help! Before you set your goal, do your research to work out what and who is out there to help you reach your goal? For example, you decide you want to embark on a rigorous WOD routine for the next 6 weeks – have you considered products such as Kinesiology Tape, Race Laces or Speed Ropes which could help you achieve your goal?


Don’t stress, but November is a GREAT time to set goals for the next few months! Fight of the laziness of Christmas and join the No Label Fitness team on your own winter fitness routine this Winter!

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