Elite Series – Speed Rope Review

Elite Series – Speed Rope Review

Here is my Elite Series Speed Rope Review

Hey Guys! My name is Mohammed, but you can call me “Mo” the same as my friends call me!

 I’m a fitness nut, who lives on the South Coast with my girlfriend, Sophie and our British Bulldog, Rocco. I came to fitness during my mid-twenties, when it dawned on me that going out every weekend and spending my evenings watching films, and eating takeaways wasn’t the best idea! Ever since my first trip to a box, I’ve been hooked. Physically, I’m 6’2 and currently weighing in at 92kg.

When my mate who runs No Label asked me to write an honest review for the new Elite Series of ropes I was a bit nervous. It would have been awkward if it had been shocking, thankfully, its a great rope, and we’re still mates!

My favourite 5 features of this speed rope are:

    • The weight of the handles. Literally the most satisfying thing to hold! Weighted perfectly so that they aren’t too heavy, but are solid to hold.
    • The whip! I Feel like an absolute boss in the box, a combination of the handle weight and 2.5mm steel cable result in a smooth quick flawless revolution!
    • The “wand” connections! Literally the most simple but awesome idea ever! Unlike more basic ropes, the “wands” at the end of each handle ensure you get the smoothest revolutions, meaning the rope just flows perfectly!
    • The DBB technology (Dual Ball Bearing to us nerds), Coupled with the wands, results in a revolution smoother than smooth peanut butter.
    • For the clean freaks out there like me- you’ll LOVE how easy it is to clean the rope. The Aluminium handles are super easy to wipe down, and unlike plastic handles, when the sweat builds up during a session, the cross cut handles ensure your sweat wipes clean and the rope is like new! 

The whip! I Feel like an absolute boss in the box, a combination of the handle weight and 2.5mm steel cable result in a smooth quick flawless revolution!

So who would use this rope?

The great thing about my rope is that it really is an investment, and I doubt i’ll need a new rope for some years. If you’re a beginner like me, the smoothness of revolutions it offers, will be welcomed and ideal for any starter. Whilst if you’re a seasoned box visitor, you’ll love the speed the rope offers, along with the build quality. Really this rope is great for all abilities – I’ve even got my Sophie doing a few revolutions, and with her lack of hand eye co-ordination thats impressive! (don’t worry, she won’t be reading this Summary

The Elite Series simply put is one of the coolest ropes going. It’s build quality coupled with its awesome design resulted in all my mates at the box drooling over it.


In my opinion, the Elite rope is an essential piece of kit. It’s great for all abilities, and with a 5 year guarantee, and 15% off voucher (15OFF) it is a no brainer to kit yourself out with one of these! Try it – I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Elite Series Speed Rope Review

Speed - 90%
Ease Of Use - 80%
Comfort - 90%
Smoothness - 90%
Design - 100%
Grip - 90%


Must Have

I love this rope, I love using this rope & I believe everyone should have one

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