DBB 1 – Speed Rope Review

DBB 1 – Speed Rope Review

Today I will be writing my review about the new DBB-1 speed rope. I’ve known the owner of No Label fitness for a couple of years, we used to go to the same gym before he moved and started training in a local box near to where he lives. He stayed in touch with me saying he has a new fitness company starting and then offered me a new job working for him..

I’m 29, committed to health & fitness and a triathlete, so I love keeping fit & staying injury free, I love writing & blogging so this job is perfect. This is my first speed rope review I have written so I hope you enjoy it.

My favourite 5 features of this speed rope are:

  • My lightweight PVC handles take pressure off my arms so i can skip for prolonged periods of time without lactic build.
  • My favourite thing is the swivel ball bearing ‘wand’ style connector head
  • The transition of the rope & smoothness makes it easy for me to use
  • It was easy for me to customise it
  • The adjuster makes it easy to size your speed rope for optimum performance.

Who would use this speed rope?

I’m a fitness enthusiast and regular triathlete & I incorporate speed rope skipping as part of my warm up between 3-4 times per week. It’s a great tool i’m away on holiday as it packs up neatly in the little stowaway bag fits easily into my suitcase or bag.


This speed rope is definitely up there with the best of them, It has lightweight handles to stop lactic build up and the wand style ends make it easy & very smooth to use. Built into my handles are a ball bearing, which means that this speed rope can spin really quickly. In terms of pricing my opinion is that this is well priced. It’s lightweight design is great if you travel and only take hand luggage weighing only 120 grams.


For me at least, this is perfect. It’s a great all rounder that has definitely kept me going & kept me fit while working & travelling. There are a few different colours to choose from & you can also customise it if you choose. Me, I’m happy with just the black handles with the black rope, but I do believe there are six different colours to choose from.

I hope that my review will help make your decision about this speed rope rope. If you do have any questions and would like me help you with them please email me hello@nolabelfitness.co.uk.

Email your review to: hello@nolabelfitness.co.uk with the subject line “review” & be in with a chance to win £100.00 to spend in store.

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  • Really light weight only 120 grams
  • Packs up neatly into the stowaway bag
  • Easy to adjust the length of the rope
  • Wand connector design
  • Not so grippy when you have sweaty hands


DBB 1 Speed Rope Review

Speed - 90%
Ease Of Use - 90%
Comfort - 90%
Smoothness - 100%
Design - 80%
Grip - 80%


Game Changer

For me this speed rope is a game changer. It's small, light weight, features DBBT (dual ball bearing technology) & the new wand connectors. Love it!!

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