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Skipping Rope - Fitness Skipping Rope for Double Unders - This Black Speed Rope for Fitness Will Tone Your Upper body - Look Awesome This Summer

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Our Most Popular Fitness Skipping Rope Ever

Every part of thisspeed ropehas been designed for comfort and speed to ensure you get the most from your workout.

Thespeed ropehandles are 28mm in diameter and are wrapped in black grip tape to combat the issues that come with a high intensity workout. The handle has a twist grip design at the top end of the handle which means your thumb and index finger wrap around the handle for ultimate comfort.

Are you fed up with a cheaper plastic fitness skipping rope that just doesn't deliver the goods?

Your new BLACK HUBD fitness speed rope will:

▶ Help you get a toned physique.
▶ Improve your footwork and speed.
▶ Allow you to jump with comfort.
▶ Improve your cardiovascular endurance.
▶ Be able to be used during intervals.
▶ Help work on your hand and foot coordination.

Your HUBD fitness skipping rope can be used as:

⁂ Double Under Speed Rope for Crossfit
⁂ Martial arts skipping rope for body conditioning
⁂ Double under skipping rope for Cardiovascular improvement
⁂ Gym Work Double under Skipping Rope
⁂ MMA Double Under Speed Rope

Available as :

⁂ Black Skipping Rope HummingBird Style

The No Label brand is synonymous with quality. No Label offers extended warranties on all their products.

** NOTE ** In order to keep you HummingBird skipping rope in tip top condition, the intended use is only for inside or on a non-abrasive surface. Using this outdoors or on rough surfaces will void your warranty.


  • ★ FITNESS SPEED ROPE INTERVAL TRAINING - "I compete in MMA & train everyday. I rely on a good rope to help me warm up. My speed rope is comfortable to hold & the sweat proof handles mean I never lose my grip.
  • ★ LOSE WEIGHT & TONE UP WITH THIS DOUBLE UNDER SKIPPING ROPE - "I'm attempting to get lean for my next holiday. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks and I can already see a difference. The first rope I can double under with ease".
  • ★ COMFORTABLE SWEAT PROOF JUMP ROPE HANDLES - "Having tried many skipping ropes before using this one, I found that sweat proof handles & grip tape combat the issues that come with a high intensity workout."
  • ★ DBBT TECHNOLOGY SWIVEL SKIPPING ROPE HANDLES - "Features Dual ball bearing technology, which allows your rope to spin effortlessly. Also the connector head has the latest swivel bearing technology, it's definitely a game changer."
  • ★ EXTENDED PRODUCT GUARANTEE - Lifetime guarantee & a 30 Day Money Back if you're not 100% happy. Use voucher code XFVWVEZS to SAVE 15% on 2+ No Label items. Click the blue link to view our catalogue.


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