VO2 PURGE PRO - Front Snorkel

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Front Snorkel Engineered & Designed by No Label

We have been engineering this front snorkel for improved comfort and confidence in the water, now we know we have got it right.

Introducing the VO2 Purge Pro front snorkel.

We've named our centre snorkel the "VO2 Purge Pro" because we know that regular use will increase your VO2 max + we have added a purge valve & a one-way breathing valve at the top of the tube.

Our NEW training snorkel ticks is a genuine must-have swimming accessory for all aspiring swimmers & triathletes.

If you want to become more efficient in the pool you need to isolate & train body parts separately. Using the VO2 Purge Pro swim training accessory will allow you to focus solely on your stroke/kick techniques.

Our new swimmers snorkel lets you focus solely on stroke technique & kick techniques without the interruption of bilateral breathing or having to pull your head out of the water every few strokes.

The silicone purge in our front snorkel allows any water to flow out of the snorkel tune without entering the mouthpiece. Our front snorkel design allows for a full range of motion to help master any swim stroke, whether it's the butterfly, breaststroke or freestyle.

Eliminating the need to breathe and tilt your head during training sessions allows you to relax in the water, maintain body alignment and improve stroke efficiency.


Front-Mount Design

Allows for relaxation in the water in order to focus on stroke technique.

This allows the water to exit the snorkel without entering into the mouthpiece, stopping you from swallowing any water.

Curves around your head to reduce drag and promote proper body position.

Perfect stability at any speed.

The adjustable strap ensures your centre snorkel is the right size for you, offering you the most comfortable fit.

This transition front snorkel mouthpiece has been manufactured from medical grade silicone. The soft silicone mouthpiece ensures you're comfortable in the mouth and is flexible enough for movement.

This Pro-Series Front Snorkel will stay in place no matter which stroke you are training, whether it's the butterfly, breaststroke, freestyle or even if you're including tumble/flip turns.

Using your new centre snorkel & training regularly will Increase your aerobic capacity. Having an increased VO2 max will give you the edge over your competition.


  • USING MY FRONT SNORKEL MY FREESTYLE TECHNIQUE IMPROVED - "Using this Front Snorkel I have been able to concentrate on my technique, my times have improved and my efficiency in the water is getting much better."
  • MY FRONT SNORKEL INCREASED MY VO2 MAX - "Since using my front snorkel I have increased my VO2 max, and improved my breathing technique. By not tilting my head either side to breathe has allowed me to progress fast."
  • FASTER IMPROVEMENT WITH STROKE & KICK TECHNIQUE - "Since using this centerline snorkel my technique has improved dramatically, I'm swimming more efficiently and with better technique & style."
  • USED BY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES - Pro-Series Front Snorkel is used by competitive swimmers across Europe & the World. This centre snorkel is the choice of professionals. Get yours today!
  • NEW DESIGN - Slicker more hydrodynamic than before. We have improved the head strap and made the connectors & silicon strap even stronger and thicker. This is by far the best front snorkel available right now!

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